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Главная » 2016 » Август » 14 » White puff Helga Elkati
White puff Helga Elkati

  White puff Helga Elkati -

                       waiting for their owners






Warning: album window can be opened when you click on the photo or the link, if you click on the pet's name - go to his page in Norwegian-based CCD with a pedigree.


White and fluffy - it's about Helga.


  Wool is soft, downy, typical of Chinese Crested. Hands do not believe that you pet the dog. Live white downy ball immediately flipped on the back of substituting soft pink belly.


  All our love puff when they are stroked his tummy.

Grandmother Klepa - Cleopatra, passed half a dozen exhibitions. All exhibitions won even naked and class rivals.



  Presentation at the Kiev Academy of grooming.





  Yuzefa Elkati mother. It has a solid capital exhibition, beautiful soft fur and love stroking tummy.

  Yuzefa is a very good mother. In part, this is due to the education of Cleopatra, which is well brought up all his children. Look, for example, our long-time movie "Mother's lesson". On Elkati channel dozens of clips from birth to "release" of our pupils.



 Mother participated in 4 exhibitions. Get 3 SAS (three - won). On one exhibition he received excellent without title. The plans another exhibition tour for the title Champion of Ukraine.

Fragment live: Mom and daughter Helga, Hillary and Hylda.









Color and hair

Helga went to
his great-grandmother Undine -

Midnight Mijuzik Ondine (link)








Yuzefa Elkati mother:

mom photos
pedigree in the Norwegian-based Chinese Crested


Dad - Merlin Elkati

   Ideal naked.

Heir to the best of its breed characteristics Pope Ping Pong and grandfather ESAUL (Konik).



Photo album    

Page of the Norwegian-based Chinese Crested



  Helga showed character this downy Chinese Crested.


   It is self-sufficient, in contrast to the bare and more dependent on the owners and the environment.

   Temperament sangvistichesky.


   Cleverly chooses a place "under the sun" or "in the shadow" (in the puppy cage hanging UFO and sisters prefer to sunbathe naked beneath him).

   Copes with all exercises. He likes toys. As soft as well as for the cutting tooth.

  Chasing balls with the sisters. He does not like to be in the struggle from below, at once shows the character and select the top "floor"..





Powder Puffs. Helga likes to lie on the bottom shelf of feeders and to overcome the obstacle course with free bowls of holes. Dining with us for 6 persons, and in only three litter of puppies.


Helga pioneered suspended apple. I learned to maintain his ass while eating. With the development of other exercises studied by the example of the Little Sisters. She was waiting for when Hylda roll the bottle and quickly picked up snacks.


Very affectionate, gentle. The first flies to welcome guests in the aviary and very well knows how to charm and cozy up. Do not thaw before this soft white ottoman is not possible..


  The toilet on the diaper gets exactly.








Color White with cream. Cream is noticeable when Helga bathe.

In the state of promiscuity Helga seems completely white.

  She was born December 7, 2015 at 16.07, weighing 170 grams.

  Day 12 opened eyes

  Day 15 - opened tabs

  Day 16 - De-worming.

18 - the beginning of the walk. Reeling and limping on the ass. But on all fours. Lazy!

24 - the first piece of meat! Ground beef in the balls.


26 - the first interest in toys. Prior to this case were only their paws and ears sisters. Start and applied to soft toys. Still lazily.


28 - finally decided on the diaper to toilet


30 - the second option bait. I began to eat from bowls. At the beginning of the common bowl with a finger. I did feeder 3 bowls. Bowls enormous - 40 ml. I made as a "model" salt shakers on a table. It turned out that schenam quite convenient!

860 grams of the veil. The growth of decent and most stable of the team.

37 - a mother's milk is over. Switched to the mixed feed.


42 - The final transition to dry food Hills. Macerate.


47 - actively teething. They went all the milk. It started hyperactivity in games.

In 2 months I weighed 1560 grams. We moved out of the crib in Shchen aviary.

Learning first lessons, exercises, puzzles. The first comprehensive vaccination.

In 3 months - 2230 grams. Growth began to slow down considerably, but is stable.

The second complex vaccination.

We assume that in Helga adult will weigh about 4 kg with height at withers 28 - 29 cm.

Teeth all excellent.


Dower Helga Elkati


1. The veterinary certificate of international standard

2. Puppy Card FCI - puppy registration document in the largest international Kennel Club


3. Feeder Elkati (invented for our pets, we do ourselves, and, of course, the new owners get schenov feeder with pet).


4. Made a brand (in the groin) - stigma is reflected in the number of puppy map and veterinary passport



Most Helga will be similar to Delchi Elkati .

In Delchi Elkati and Helga Elkati very similar color and the character of the coat.


Delchi Elkati - album. Page in the database of Chinese Crested - link.

Exterior view, photo from birth to adulthood our white puff pets Elkati also help you to imagine the future Helga.

Derik Elkati - album.

Personal Page and pedigree in the database of Chinese Crested.

 Tristan Elkati. AlbumPersonal Page and pedigree in the database of Chinese Crested.

Mom Klepa son Tristan. She is the grandmother sisters..

Valko ElkatiAlbum. Personal Page and pedigree in the database of Chinese Crested.

  Color faces will look like puffs Delchev.


On behalf of HELGA ELKATI

"Last Name" ELKATI - is the name of our kennel and by the rules of FCI - a prefix to the name of the puppy.


The origin of the name from the Old Norse name Hélgi, Hélga (helgi - "dedicated, holy").

Famous persons, events

    Helga Pataki - the heroine of the animated series "Hey Arnold!".
    Goering, Helga - German actress
    Lina Helga - Portuguese and Spanish actress of German origin
    Filippova, Helga - a popular actress of theater and cinema of St. Petersburg
    Olshvang Helga Yulevna - Russian poet.
    Helga Hufflepuff - a witch in the magical world of Harry Potter
    Helga - one of the names of Princess Olga.
    (522) Helga - asteroid, discovered in 1904.
    Helga - festival of historical reconstruction that takes place in the village Vybuty Pskov region.
    Princess Helga-Lee of Schaumburg-Lippe (Eng. Princess Helga-Lee of Schaumburg-Lippe) (1911-2005)..

Происхождение имени От древнескандинавских имен Hélgi, Hélga (helgi - "посвященный/ая, священный/ая, святой/ая").
Источник: http://kurufin.ru/html/Translate/olga.html
Происхождение имени От древнескандинавских имен Hélgi, Hélga (helgi - "посвященный/ая, священный/ая, святой/ая").
Источник: http://kurufin.ru/html/Translate/olga.html
Происхождение имени От древнескандинавских имен Hélgi, Hélga (helgi - "посвященный/ая, священный/ая, святой/ая").
Источник: http://kurufin.ru/html/Translate/olga.htmlПроисхождение имени От древнескандинавских имен Hélgi, Hélga (helgi - "посвященный/ая, священный/ая, святой/ая").

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